This is the tentative schedule, which will be updated with more specifics and events.

Morning of Saturday, July 3rd

Partner yoga at Walbridge Park

Afternoon of Saturday, July 3rd

 2:00 Wedding at Glenwood Garden

Location: Glenwood Garden is at the corner of Monroe & Glenwood — next to Glenwood Lutheran, which is 2545 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 43620-1519. It’s also right next door to the Toledo Museum of Art.

Bike Ride/Shuttle Tour of Toledo

  • *Richard T. Gosser Memorial
  • *Manhattan’s
  • *Wesley’s
  • *Promenade Park

We will hand out maps/bikes for those who wish to take a tour.  Otherwise, we encourage guests to visit sites like the Toledo Museum of Art (next door to the reception site) during the break between the wedding and the reception.  A full list is soon to follow.

Evening of Saturday, July 3rd

 5:30 Reception at Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center

    Location: 1225 Broadway St. Toledo, Ohio 43609

Early afternoon of Sunday, July 4th

 1:00 pm Another Winthrop Block Party – all guests are encouraged to come and continue the party on our block! 

  • Location: Just head over to our house at 545 Winthrop St. Toledo, Ohio 43620.

Bicycle Giveaway/Maintenance Clinic at Glenwood Gardens, specifics tbd.

16 responses to “Schedule

  1. Dying to bust a move a your reception. My calendar has permanent marker all over this weekend!

  2. John and Stephanie Lind

    We had thought we had to miss your wedding because of vacation plans made in 2009. But we have decided to cancel the vacation and be at your wedding for sure!!

    Really looking forward to being there!

  3. Meredith Goldberg

    I am THERE!! so excited for you guys!

  4. Congratulations! It sounds so fun; I can’t wait.

  5. Ellen, Steve, Amy, and Jonathan

    None of us have partners to attend the partner yoga.
    We all need a bike!!

  6. Melissa and I would like to RSVP for the wedding.
    I am game for the bike ride (I think, as long as it’s not too long). I need to get my bike to the Co-op. Melissa thinks that she could ride too if it’s not too long..we’re working on 40 here…I am also game for yoga, but I have no partner. Melissa and I could partner, but it might be more fun to partner with a stranger and make a new friend. I do have a new pink yoga mat, and Melissa is a big fan of Rodney Yee…go Downward Dog!!!

  7. Count me in on the partner Yoga-although we will have to figure out either a partner for myself or a means of occupying the tike while we yoga it. We would also love to bike ride-shall we bring our bikes or a carriage for Luca? Looking forward to a visit and exploring this great city of Toledo!

  8. uncle fred fischer

    jaime,beth and i are really excited!!!!!! we’re driving up and hope to stay together in the rented home. i don’t know about the yoga but i’d like to do the bike ride. i couldn’t be happier for you toby. she’s beautiful!!

  9. Say, what is the exact time for am yoga at Walbridge?

  10. uncle fred fischer

    is there a place to swim laps????

  11. uncle fred fischer

    true, a river rat i’ve always been

  12. Hey, I just caught that bougie commentary…rather than shoot back a rude response, I say Namaste to you! (which I’m told could secretly mean yo mama, ceptin I like yours)

  13. Not enough diversity of comment here. Where’s Pat Smith when you need him? Or Big Red for that matter?

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