First of all, thanks so much to those of you who have made donations to Toledo GROWS and the Toledo Bike Co-op usng Paypal.  Your generosity is appreciated by us and the organizations, and you are truly a unique, caring person.  Especially unique, cuz using Paypal hasn’t been too popular so far.  This may be for the best, cuz dropping off a check or money order at the reception, or mailing one anytime, saves on the processing costs.

We will have a place for donations at the wedding.  If you make a donation, a check or money order is preferred, because we don’t want to have a box of cash laying around.


Bike/Trolley Tour Explained

I guess the last post didn’t answer many questions; it just showed you the locations where you are likely to have such questions.  Hopefully, there are some answers here.

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Bike/Trolley Tour Schedules

There’s a lot of excitement about the bike and trolley tour, but a lot of questions too.

Routes for the bikes and trolleys are on I think anyone can see the public rides, but you might have to do the free sign up.

Here is the route of the bike tour.

Here is the route for the trolley tour.

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Final Countdown

Less than a week to the wedding!

Program Maps by Megan Bremer

Our wedding programs are being designed by artist, good friend, the Me in TiMe To, and former 545 Winthrop resident Megan Bremer. The programs will also be multitasking as maps

Here’s a Facebook video that’s a little sample of Megan’s work, with a couple of familiar faces.

Mac and Tong’s

Check out the Enjoying Toledo post about Mac + Tong. J. + D. turned us on to this place, and it’s some of the tastiest food in Toledo.

Missing you

As was stated in earlier posts, Anneliese is in Columbus tonight.  In other words, she is away from me.  As difficult as this is for me, it provides me some perspective.  So many of my guests are going to get to meet the bride for the first time.  I am thankful that every day I get to know her more and more, but I think the biggest shock is the first time you meet her.  You can’t believe this much beauty and love is wrapped up in one person.  I am so excited that so many people I care about are going to meet her and the likeliest outcome is that they are going to fall in love with her too.

It’s a little more than a week away.  I can’t wait.