You got questions? Ask them here, and frequently, and they will be answered.

10 responses to “FAQ

  1. Did you realize that your initials were going to be T&A when you got together?

  2. Here’s another question that many people have asked me personally, but haven’t been charitable enough to post on this website for the benefit of the Grytafey wedding community:

    What do I wear?

    • Great question, Grytafey!

      The answer lies somewhere between a Hawaiian shirt and a chic summer frock, mixed with a dash of what you know about Toby & Anneliese’s sartorial predilections.

      Worth knowing: It might be hot. Deadly hot. Our reception site has no A/C.

  3. Sarah, Mark, Grant & Ava

    What are your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots in Toledo?

    • We will be posting about our favorite restaurants over the next few weeks. You can check back every day to make sure you don’t miss any, or you can check out the Food category in our sidebar.

      There is also a link for Enjoying Toledo, which has a ton of great information about things to eat in Toledo.

  4. Sarah, Mark, Grant & Ava

    Do you know any babysitters in Toledo?

    • The services of Jacob Lambert-Lyons (he’s on the Face!) have been offered. I will also ask around for more suggestions. Toledoans, feel free to pipe in and offer suggestions!

  5. Babysitters: Jacob Lambert-Lyons is my son. He is 12 and has two younger siblings, 10 & 8, that he watches out for quite a bit. he also watches his cousins, 4, 5, 8 & 9 years old…he even plays polly pockets with the 5 year old when she wants him to. You can find him on facebook or ask toby and anneliese for my number.


    Amanda Lyons

  6. rebeccca boone

    Jacob is an AMAZING babysitter

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