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First of all, thanks so much to those of you who have made donations to Toledo GROWS and the Toledo Bike Co-op usng Paypal.  Your generosity is appreciated by us and the organizations, and you are truly a unique, caring person.  Especially unique, cuz using Paypal hasn’t been too popular so far.  This may be for the best, cuz dropping off a check or money order at the reception, or mailing one anytime, saves on the processing costs.

We will have a place for donations at the wedding.  If you make a donation, a check or money order is preferred, because we don’t want to have a box of cash laying around.

Toledo Bike Co-op

I meant to go to the Monday night open workshop at the Bike Co-op and get some video for this here blog, but a council committee hearing went later than I expected; I skipped lunch and was really hungry when I got home but the kitchen was taped off because of the floor being sanded; and when we got home from tacos at San Marcos, we needed to get the herb spiral in.  So no video now.

The Toledo Bike Co-0p provides Toledo bike-riders a place to repair their bikes with the knowledge and tools provided by the coop.  Kids can earn their own bike by taking a bike maintenance and safety class and volunteering at the workshops.  Their workshop is in the basement of a church right around the block from our house, and I’ve fixed a number of bikes there.  We’re asking for donations to the Co-op and you can make donations on our Registry page.

Urgent Registry Option – A House

Though the request is unusual, maybe you can make a personal loan to our friend to buy a house directly across the street from us.

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