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Buffalo Ride Needed

The creator of some of the most-loved features of our house, like the living room bookshelf and the dining room ceiling –

needs a ride from Buffalo for the wedding. Let us know if you can help out.

Hotel Update

It doesn’t seem like any rooms are opening up at either downtown hotel.  You can keep checking, but your best shots at staying downtown are the Casey Pomeroy or the Mansion View.  There are two rooms available at the Mansion View, and last I heard, all four are open at the Casey Pomeroy.  Both are beautiful.

Thanks for the RSVPs!

We got a lot of good news yesterday, that our guests are on their way!  (I felt compelled to rhyme in honor of the rhyming RSVP we received from T Lyle and Betty Ferderber.)

Thanks for getting back to us, cuz knowing numbers really helps a lot.  If you haven’t RSVPed yet, just send us a quick email and say if you are going to be able to make it and if you want to go on the bike ride or do couples yoga.

Airport Rideshare

Most people are probably flying into Detroit, which is 45 minutes or an hour from Toledo.  Even a flight into Toledo leaves you west of downtown and the hotels.  Because our public transportation system here is woefully inadequate, the best opportunity for saving money will probably be sharing rides to and from the airport.  People can post their flight schedules here, which may lead to sharing a rental car or cab.