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Mac and Tong’s

Check out the Enjoying Toledo post about Mac + Tong. J. + D. turned us on to this place, and it’s some of the tastiest food in Toledo.

Downtown Breakfast Spots

Downtown Toledo has a couple of places to grab a nice Saturday breakfast or brunch.  All locally-owned places, where you meet the owners at about every meal.  Our favorites, ranked in order of the bride’s preference –

Petit Fours Patisserie & Cafe

Pam’s Corner

The Glass City Cafe

Beer by Maumee Bay Brewing Co.

We’ll be drinking Toledo beer at the reception.  Kegs are coming from Maumee Bay Brewing Co.  Here’s the beer selection.  Anything sound good to you?

Maumee Bay Brewing Co. is in the historic Oliver House, which houses a nice brewpub, a basement bar where the groom has rocked the karaoke mic on more than one occasion, a fine-dining establishment and Petit Fours Patisserie and Cafe.  Petit Fours is a great Saturday morning breakfast spot, and the bride recommends the quiche.

All-Night Greasy Spoons – High Level Cafe and Central Hot Dog

An omelette and hash browns are sometimes necessary at 3 am.  If you find this to be the case while you’re in Toledo, there are two places to go near downtown.  Central Hot Dog and the High Level Cafe (that may not be the name anymore, but it’s like Superdollar, which will always be Superdollar) fulfill that need any time.

Beirut and Poco Piatti

A favorite Toledo restaurant of the parents of the groom, Beirut Restaurant offers delicious Lebanese food.  We usually stick to the middle of the menu, which lists the family-sized portions of appetizers, including exceptional mushrooms and raw kibbe.  Beirut also serves Italian food, and I am particular to the Beirut Brachioli.  The pizza also gets rave reviews.

The owners of Beirut ran with the appetizers idea and opened Poco Piatti, a restuarant that specializes in small plates.  However, Poco Piatti recently moved to the evil Levis Commons – misnamed because it is not a commons, but a private, corporate imitation of a small town.  I’m not sure if it is the terrible “music” pumped throughout the area or exclusionary policies,  but you won’t find lots of Toledo at Levis Commons.  However, we sometimes damn our principles and go to Poco Piatti cuz it is that good.

San Marcos

One of the best lunch spots in Toledo isn’t far from the Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center, where we’re having our reception.  San Marcos (235 Broadway Street) is a great little Mexican grocery, with a bakery and a butcher and a counter serving up tasty tacos.  They also serve refreshing horchata and fruit drinks, which you may want to keep in mind if you happen to ride your bike by San Marcos.

The Village Idiot: Great Music, Live Pizza

Let’s take advantage of the rare national media attention on Toledo that doesn’t involve bar shootings or an episode of M.A.S.H.  Crystal Bowersox mentioned the Village Idiot on this week’s American Idol and she played at the Maumee bar weekly until she got her golden ticket to Hollywood.

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