Casey-Pomeroy House

The Casey-Pomeroy House is a beautiful bed ‘n breakfast a few blocks from downtown in the North End.

We would like to recommend hotels in downtown Toledo, but both the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Park Inn are filled with conventioneers. We hear that a number of rooms are often released thirty days before (whch would be June 2, in this case).

If you want to stay with a group of friends and family, or have a room 31 or more days before the wedding for sure, you may want to stay at the Oregon Holiday Inn Express. We have reserved a block of rooms (Group Code is GFW)  at a rate starting at $89 a night. Click here to reserve a room.

You may want to stay on the shore of Lake Erie, which may seem like a different lake than the one on the other side. You can stay at the Maumee Bay Lodge. We have been told that a three day stay is required.


Why throw away your money paying for a hotel when that same money could be building equity?  You could buy 550 Winthrop, the 5 bedroom house on the corner lot across the street.  It didn’t sell at auction, because the $5000 high bid didn’t meet the reserve, but we expect the house to sell for less than $15,000.  Won’t you be my neighbor?


One response to “Lodging

  1. We have two couches for couch surfers. Not for the faint of heart, however, two cats and five kids and three adults.

    Amanda Lyons

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