Bike/Trolley Tour Explained

I guess the last post didn’t answer many questions; it just showed you the locations where you are likely to have such questions.  Hopefully, there are some answers here.

For Bike-Riders

We will have bikes provided by the Toledo Bike Co-op available for use.  We have more than enough for the RSVPs, but not many more.  If you didn’t RSVP and you need a bike, let us know ASAP.  We’ll have wrenches to make sure your bike seat is at the appropriate height.

At 2:30, the bike-riders on Toledo Bike Co-op bikes, bike-riders on their own bikes,  and the conference bike will follow a yellow truck through the streets of Toledo.  The yellow truck will be driven by a guy named Dylan.  He’s a good guy.  Our basement is dry thanks to him.

Then complete route is 3.81 miles long, but if that seems long, remember that Toledo is flat and stops will break up the riding.

The stops will not be stops per se, but pauses of a determined length.  And when that length is determined to be long enough (which will be enough time for a drink, two if you’re quick), the bike tour will be moving.  You should be moving too if you want to stay with the group.

One reason for that is because we will have a cable to string the bikes together with.  This will be easy for the riders who are staying with the group, cuz they won’t have to worry about their own lock.  However, if you want to bring your own bike lock, then you will not be chained to the rest of the group.

We will also have bike locks available for people who decide they have biked enough.  Ask Dylan for a bike lock and a ribbon, lock your bike up near the trolley stop.  You can hop on the trolley and a kind-hearted soul will pick the bike up later.  This will only work if you are using one of our bike locks, not your own.  As noted below, hold on to your program to show the driver of the trolley.

The ride will stop for real at Sofia Quintero.  Then it will be time to ROCK.  Or eat dinner, and then ROCK.

For Trolley Riders

The trolley will start the loop at 2:30.  You can hop on immediately if you are excited about hearing some great jazz or visiting our river, but the trolley will be back soon for the people who want to check out the museum or the neighborhood.

The driver will expect to see your program when you get on the trolley, so keep it with you.

You can stay at a stop until the trolley makes the loop, which is expected to take around a half hour.  Just make sure you catch any trolley you see after 5 pm and ride it all the way, cuz that’s likely to be the last one.

You are also free to drive an automobile during all of this.  There’s no shame in that.  Most of us do it most days.  But this may be one of those glorious days when you don’t even have to get in an automobile.  The trolley will be picking up people at the downtown and Oregon hotels and bringing them to the reception.  Later in the night, the trolley will take people home.


3 responses to “Bike/Trolley Tour Explained

  1. this is a great post! perhaps my favorite so far. not only is it ultra informative, it also makes everything sound FECKING RAD! it seems that someone is peaking at the right time, meaning peaking right near the wedding! (which is good, cuz if i was, oh, say 43 or some similar age i would here joke ‘it’s all downhill from there!!!’)
    all of this is very encouraging.

  2. erin seelbaugh

    Great info. My favorite part though, is that up until now I thought the conference bike was just a dream. I didn’t realize that the bike co-op actually had them and that you would be riding one. Love it!
    Looking forward to the all the festivities!

  3. What does it say about the manner in which social networking sites have eroded my interpersonal communications skills that I instinctively searched for a “Like” button to display my approval for this post (and, by extension, the bike tour). Well, take this note as proof that I really, really LIKE it.

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