Bike/Trolley Tour Schedules

There’s a lot of excitement about the bike and trolley tour, but a lot of questions too.

Routes for the bikes and trolleys are on I think anyone can see the public rides, but you might have to do the free sign up.

Here is the route of the bike tour.

Here is the route for the trolley tour.

Tour stops, with their corresponding:

A – Mansion View (bike tour only)

This isn’t really a bike stop – it’s more of a bike drop-off.  The bride and groom will be hopping off the conference bike (meaning two other people need to hop on) and retiring to the Mansion View to consumate the wedding.  The rest of the bike-riders will continue down Floyd Street.

1 – Old West End Walk Pick-up (trolley tour only)

One post-wedding, pre-reception activity could be a stroll through the Historic Old West End, the largest neighborhood of Late Victorian, Edwardian, and Arts and Crafts homes east of the Mississippi, so I’m told.  All I know is there are lots of beautiful houses with friendly people sitting on the porches.   The trolley will stop at the corner of Floyd and Collingwood to pick up neighborhood-wanderers.

B2 – Manhattan’s

On my first night in town, I went to Manhattan’s to hear some New York jazz musicians.  But I heard even better jazz after hours in the upstairs apartment from Toledo’s own Jason Quick.  The Jason Quick Jazz trio will be playing for you during the bike and trolley tours.  Manhattan’s also serves food, if you wanted to grab a small bite.  Just don’t spoil your dinner!

C3 – Wesley’s

Wesley’s has a bocce court in the back and the World Cup on at the bar.  On the stereo, will be Mr. Moonboot’s selection of golden era hip hop.

Bike riders

4 – Toledo Lucas County Public Library (trolley tour only)

The first thing I fell in love with in Toledo, years before the thing I fell in the most love with moved here.  The walls of the classic library are adorned with murals, but the newer additions are just as beautiful.  The children’s section is filled with fun and the roof is open for views of downtown.  This stop is a must whenever Simon comes to town, cuz the comics section is pretty impressive.

5 – River Walk Drop-off (trolley tour only)

The Maumee river waterfront is packed with sculptures and fountains.  It is also home to Imagination Station, a great children’s museum.  The trolley will drop off people at Adams and Summit, allowing guests to explore the waterfront while they make their way to the pick-up.  There may also be Fourth of July festivities in Promenade Park, which may either complicate or excite matters.

6 – River Walk Pick-up (trolley tour only)

The trolley will pick up people at Jefferson St. and Water St., behind Fort Industry Square.

D7 – Bozart’s Fine Art and Music Gallery

A local artist and musician, Jerry Gray, created a great home for both one year ago.  Bozart’s Fine Art and Music Gallery will be celebrating that with their one year anniversary party on July 3rd.

8 – Toledo Museum of Art (trolley tour only)

After Bozart’s, the trolley will return to Glenwood Gardens and the Toledo Museum of Art to start the loop over.  Guests can walk from Glenwood Gardens through the museum’s sculpture gardens.  After visiting the museum, the trolley will pick up guests at the museum entrance in the rear.

We’ll explain how the bike and trolley tours will work soon, as well as posting pictures from sights along the route.  Keep checking back.

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