General Advice: Dress Comfortably

Lots of people are confused about attire.   I think some cautionary pictures are in order:


Dress comfortably. Anything this side of cut-offs and wacky t-shirts will work. Actually, shirts are not required and not recommended.

And we are working on securing a hose, so people that get this wet just can get all-the-way wet.

5 responses to “General Advice: Dress Comfortably

  1. Mr. Moonboots

    you gotta have bodacious pecs to generate that kind of pec-sweat.

    bone got pushed in the pool apparently.

  2. Good Advice! 😉

  3. I hope your friends’ aspirations are as high as their perspiration.

  4. uncle fred fischer

    well i was gonna bring a suit but didn’t want to so now i’m not. thanks, tobe. uncle fred

  5. Meredith Goldberg

    be prepared to look good cuz I am bringing my camera gear and am excited to be shooting the wedding, the reception and probably some other events

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