All-Conference Laughs

Anneliese has an extremely busy week the week before she gets married, of course.  That’s the way things happen.  Today and tomorrow are in Columbus at an Ohio Microenterprise Confererce; Thursday is another Prisoner Reentry clinic, where Anneliese has been setting up prisoners with pro bono attorneys to help make the return to law-abiding life easier; and Friday is a court hearing where she is defending her client from an unscrupulous debt collector.

But today was a good day for her.  This conference is a great introduction to the work she’s going to start in the fall – for the first time, ABLE is going to have an attorney focused on microenterprise and microfinance.  In other words, she is gonna be helping low-income people make some money with a home-run business and helping them find the small loans to do that.  So she goes to a conference full of people doing this work, and they are so grateful that  an attorney is finally in the room.  Anneliese wins over the whole crowd, like she is wont to do.  She asks a question of the panel, and the panel approaches her when the discussion is over.  And most importantly, she gets a huge laugh –

The conference started with an icebreaker called a “values” auction.  Each of the participants got a hundred dollars in play money to bid on different values – things like “A Closetful of Stylish Clothes”, “A Promotion at Work”, “Ability to Walk to a Rec Center”, or “A Great Neighborhood School System.”  When they auctioned off “A Lifelong Love and Partnership”, Anneliese immediately bids $99 dollars.  The bid itself gets a couple laughs, and Anneliese responds, “Hey, I’m getting married next week!”  Laughs abound.

I am so excited that Lifelong Love and Partnership is going to be with me.


One response to “All-Conference Laughs

  1. Meredith Goldberg

    that is both funny and sweet

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