DJ Zuk

We recently found out that for our reception, we are fortunate enough to have the stylings of DJ Zuk, sultan of sound.

DJ ZUK – Colorado
DJ ZUK has since left Buffalo for the beautiful state of Colorado, collaborating with Musicians, Producers, DJ’s, Performing Artists, Independent Film Directors and Alternative Heath Practitioners, bridging the gap. Performing from Toronto to Hawaii and anywhere in between, providing the sounds of Deep House, Techno, World Music Fusions and Down-Tempo experimentals, with positive vibrations that follow. He diligently produces fantastic house music, currently releasing his original works on Communique Records.

He’s also one of Anneliese’s dear friends. She worked with him on some fantastic electro-acoustic experimental sonic collaborations, most notably “Zuk & Anneliese.”

MIX links:
Live @ The Rendezvous
Man of the Household
Article about DJ Zuk’s collaboration with Abbo Organic Farm
Wed. Night Live Video/ DJ Radio Show:

Oh, and he also just published a book!

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