May I Introduce…

I’m sick of these weddings where only the wedding “party” gets announced.  There are always lots of other guests that I don’t know that don’t get announced, and I would appreciate a name reminder in those situations.  And why is it called a “party” anyway?  As far as I’m concerned, this “party” is gonna be weekend long for all of our wedding guests.  Yinz feel me?

But we want to strive to make our wedding more democratic and egalitarian.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to be announced to the hall.  And here are three reasons why everyone should enjoy that opportunity:

  1. It feels good to walk out when your name is announced and strut you stuff.
  2. There are so many guests to this wedding that I want to introduce to other guests, and I think it will just make it easier if we all hear each other’s names.
  3. Introducing all of our guests will give me a chance to say something funny about you, or at least something that I think is funny.

So send me a pronunciation key and a sentence to introduce you with.  Do it.  You’ll enjoy it when the time comes.


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