Beirut and Poco Piatti

A favorite Toledo restaurant of the parents of the groom, Beirut Restaurant offers delicious Lebanese food.  We usually stick to the middle of the menu, which lists the family-sized portions of appetizers, including exceptional mushrooms and raw kibbe.  Beirut also serves Italian food, and I am particular to the Beirut Brachioli.  The pizza also gets rave reviews.

The owners of Beirut ran with the appetizers idea and opened Poco Piatti, a restuarant that specializes in small plates.  However, Poco Piatti recently moved to the evil Levis Commons – misnamed because it is not a commons, but a private, corporate imitation of a small town.  I’m not sure if it is the terrible “music” pumped throughout the area or exclusionary policies,  but you won’t find lots of Toledo at Levis Commons.  However, we sometimes damn our principles and go to Poco Piatti cuz it is that good.

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