Airport Rideshare

Most people are probably flying into Detroit, which is 45 minutes or an hour from Toledo.  Even a flight into Toledo leaves you west of downtown and the hotels.  Because our public transportation system here is woefully inadequate, the best opportunity for saving money will probably be sharing rides to and from the airport.  People can post their flight schedules here, which may lead to sharing a rental car or cab.


2 responses to “Airport Rideshare

  1. For those out-of-town guests that need a car. I have a VW Jetta, it’s a manual trans, but i only use it 25% of the time. If somebody would like to share it instead of renting a car, have Toby or Anneliese call me about it….It’s a family car that has transported half wet art projects and wet swimsuit bodies, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it perfect while you use it.

    Amanda Lyons

  2. Bill Thompson and Pat Murphy

    Hi all!
    Bill and I will arrive at Detroit on Thursday, July 1 at 4:24 pm.

    Looking to share transportation to Toldeo. Anyone have similar travel plans?


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