Groom Falls in Ping-Pong Semifinals

I just lost in the semi-finals of our hotly-contested office ping-pong tournament.  So now I’m looking for a tournament I can win, and looking over our wedding guest list, I don’t see a person who can beat me.

Is there any interest in a ping-pong tourney on the wedding weekend?  It would also provide guests a chance to see the office where Anneliese and I work, as we have a ping-pong table on our fifth floor.  The fifth floor also has nice views of downtown Toledo from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Another idea is to have an Eye Patch Ping Pong Tourney.  Pat Connelly, aka C-Note, claims he can beat me while wearing an eye patch.  This is of course ludicrous, since he can’t beat me with all of his eyes.  But an Eye Patch Ping Pong tourney may be fun.  We can supply the eye patches, cuz I still have a number from my eye surgery recovery.

A doubles tournament is another idea.


2 responses to “Groom Falls in Ping-Pong Semifinals

  1. Very much looking forward to what will be the second-greatest wedding of 2010!!!!

  2. tob– i love how even on your wedding weekend you are trying to have competitions to beat other people. don’t you realize, the entire weekend, you will be a winner, regardless.

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